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Welcome to my website


This website is dedicated to bringing you resources and news to educate you on the power of your mind.  Your subconscious is powerful, it contains the habits and the reasons you make the choices today.  Your habits and choices are creating your results or your reality that you are experiencing today.


If your subconscious is so powerful, then wouldn't it be helpful to learn as much as you can about it?  Your life is flexible, your brain is malleable so find out how to change your circumstances in life. 


If you don't like what you are experiencing in life, you CAN change that.  You just have to learn one of the many secrets about life, which is that you can reprogram your mind for success.

May you learn as much as you can from my website and may your life be blessed with the positive changes your are seeking.



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Latest News About Mind Development
24 Apr 2015 07:27
You are not as intelligent as you may believe, even if you are a well-known genius. The biggest part of your brain belongs to your anti-conscience, and your conscience is deficient. Even if you are a genius in a certain aspect you make many mistakes in other aspects of your life. This happens because you don't have a global vision of your reality, since you don't use your four psychological functions in order to solve problems. You use only one psychological function and a half.
23 Apr 2015 12:23
Over the years, the importance of binaural beats has increased a lot due to it being the most effective way of relaxing. Unlike what most people think, these beats are not a modern creation by any means as it was discovered back in the 1930's. Though it is one of the less renowned relaxation procedures than its conventional counterparts, it's one of the most effective ones.
20 Apr 2015 08:36
Coming back home I looked for a mentor to help me with my own personal development. I ended up spending a whole year living in an ashram with a real life guru and this experience taught me much about what can be real, or projected. If it is anything to do with Mind, Body and Soul then this guy I write about here has given reality a successful slant of spirituality. He packs a pretty punch with information to do with self awareness, the real history of our planet and other things of controversial truth.
16 Apr 2015 14:55
Since time immemorial, State and People have introduced and implemented a system to streamline their responsibilities and commitments. The essential aspects are application and implementation within the set parameters of rules and regulations. Consequently, all activities of state and individuals are being monitored within and outside their respective domain. The cardinal points, which are detrimental to actions, are honesty, sincerity and dedication of both parties. The transition of State, from monarchy to democracy, over the period of time, has effectively and conspicuously displayed maturity of mind.
14 Apr 2015 15:57
Learn the 7 crucial steps to being able to manifest your desires. Setting Intentions and how to make them actually manifest. The Law of attraction is fool proof but are you taking the proper steps to create what you really want?
13 Apr 2015 16:07
Train your mind to enjoy the process as much as the result. You can have fun during every play, not just at the end of the game. -Unknown
10 Apr 2015 15:42
Remembering and interpreting certain dream symbols can often result in revelations which were somehow already anticipated or expected by the dreamer. However, there are dream symbols which may be difficult to fathom, and a deeper understanding and analysis of life's circumstances are needed in order to form a cogent connection to the dream visions themselves, especially when a dream is recurring.
8 Apr 2015 14:41
I know you've heard the saying "What a man thinketh, so he is. Well this article is about a brief snapshot of how you can change your thoughts to manifest what you want out of life. If you are looking for wealth, good health, relationship, etc. this article "keeps it real" by helping you get started on creating what you desire.
7 Apr 2015 15:53
Exploring a particular personality trait that causes much misgivings in a person's life. This is a so-called "good person" but always seems to manage to do the opposite of what he hopes to do.
7 Apr 2015 09:51
Successful and unsuccessful people fall into two categories of thinking styles: abundant thinkers and scarcity thinkers. Abundant thinkers believe they have a lot to offer the world. Scarcity thinkers believe there isn't enough good in them to go around. By taking charge of how you think and how you approach life's challenges, you're controlling which kind of person you'll be.
7 Apr 2015 07:52
Discover the power of mental conditioning and what it can do to change your life. Learn power techniques to condition your mind for greatness and success.
6 Apr 2015 09:55
How our minds trick us and what we can do to mitigate that. Here is a tool I have provided that you can use to enable you to move from fantasy to fact, and from fact to action.
1 Apr 2015 14:34
In this materialistic world, human being's life revolves around a cardinal point which becomes a turning point in his life. It is the moment which decides his fate; to differentiate and adopt a path of truth or falsehood. Consciously or sub-consciously, we as human beings, do feel disturbed when facts and factuality are exposed. Why do we act and react knowingly or unknowingly in such situations is an open shut case? These two divergent aspects of life are compelling our inner voice to follow a path of just and remained content with it. On the other hand, the negative impulses constantly nudge our consciousness to ignore the right path. Why that instinct profoundly affects our brain and focuses on the materialistic attractions rather than spirituality? This is the point to ponder. Therefore, analyzing a simple but logical point should be the context and not the wordy jugglery of our mind.
31 Mar 2015 15:44
In early March 2015 I renounced my modern life for 10 days and joined a Vipassana Meditation Centre. I took a vow of silence and gave up all mental stimulation in an attempt to purify my mind. This is my account of the experience.
25 Mar 2015 09:53
Imagine you are sitting and having a great talk with your best friend and all of the sudden a look of utter terror comes over her face. She screams and runs for cover. Is she crazy? Are we victims of our fight-or-flight emotional reactions or is there something we can do about it? Fortunately, there is.
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