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Welcome to my website


This website is dedicated to bringing you resources and news to educate you on the power of your mind.  Your subconscious is powerful, it contains the habits and the reasons you make the choices today.  Your habits and choices are creating your results or your reality that you are experiencing today.


If your subconscious is so powerful, then wouldn't it be helpful to learn as much as you can about it?  Your life is flexible, your brain is malleable so find out how to change your circumstances in life. 


If you don't like what you are experiencing in life, you CAN change that.  You just have to learn one of the many secrets about life, which is that you can reprogram your mind for success.

May you learn as much as you can from my website and may your life be blessed with the positive changes your are seeking.



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Latest News About Mind Development
17 Apr 2014 16:59
Are the messages within religious texts stripping individuals of their natural thought process? Will humanity ever abandon religion?
16 Apr 2014 11:23
Developing ones mind and improving the thinking process can actually be accomplished with a simple technique when used correctly. Don't worry about expensive tools software or training. This technique has been used for centuries by some of the greatest minds we've known. Discover how to improve your thinking with the proper use of journaling.
15 Apr 2014 17:28
Anchors are tools used to create an association with an emotion or action. An example of anchors that exist for bad habits are people who only smoke when they drink. We can learn to use anchors in positive ways too. Anchors help our subconscious mind prepare for an activity.
14 Apr 2014 12:38
A casual or serious nature of observation can be simple and complicated depending upon our line of thinking. It is, generally, governed by our sub-conscious impulses transforming into the consciousness of reality. However, the journey within these conscious levels is interesting and intriguing too.
10 Apr 2014 14:51
The untamed mind is like a blind person without limbs trying to ride a wild stallion. Not an easy task, but if you can stabilize your thoughts and calm your mind, you will absolutely feel more equanimity and joy. It doesn't matter what is going on in your world. Yes, it is certainly easier to begin calming your mind when you are not in a crisis. But despite your life's outer storms and inner earthquakes, anyone can begin cultivating this practice at any time.
10 Apr 2014 10:40
Are your negative thoughts sabotaging your hopes of living a happy life? If so, learn how you can thwart negative thoughts and develop a positive attitude.
4 Apr 2014 12:23
What is the spirit of opulence and what has it got to do with power thinking? Let me start by talking about what is non-opulent habitual thinking.
3 Apr 2014 17:13
Every second, our mind is giving birth to a thought and each activity we perform is the result of that thought. Our personality and the state of life are the result of our thoughts.
2 Apr 2014 08:15
Don't let your thoughts mindlessly drag you where you don't want to go. Practice the thoughts that will take you where you do want to go.
1 Apr 2014 15:09
The quality of your life is defined by the quality of your thinking. So what's the quality of your thinking like?
1 Apr 2014 12:30
So, how are your energy levels? Are you sitting comfortably? Are you really connected to yourself today? This simple exercise helps you to find out.
28 Mar 2014 08:15
Taking leadership over our life will require us to follow our own thoughts, our own beliefs and live our own morals and values. We cannot live our own life if we are constantly fueling our life with the thoughts and beliefs of others. What others think about their life is not your blueprint for your life, neither is what they think about your life. Even twins think differently even though they may finish each other's sentences. When we can separate ourselves from the masses, own our thoughts, it is then that we can move forward powerfully in our life. If we are allowing others to think for us, then we are allowing them to direct our life and who knows where we will end up. Actually, we will end up right where they are and that may not be where our life is suppose to be.
27 Mar 2014 12:17
If your typical day involves lunching 'Al Desko' and your idea of a quick break is to grab another double espresso, perhaps it's time to rethink your stress management strategy and incorporate this little 'chill pill' into your daily routine. Dubbed a 'mini vacation' this is like the little sister of the Power Nap - except this exercise can be done almost anywhere, even in front of your computer if you must, and takes no more than a few minutes to complete. Essentially a relaxation exercise, this involves listening to a short music track...
26 Mar 2014 15:50
Among the most important tips for beginning to meditate that I received when I began was to take the necessary time to prepare for the meditation. In other words, what happens before and leading up to the practice of meditation is as important as the practice itself. If you arrive at your meditation practice in a rush, or if you were having a great time talking to a friend, or if you just got done working out, each activity will have a different impact on the quality of your meditation. It's a good idea to take a moment to get ready to meditate before launching into the practice.
26 Mar 2014 11:29
Change is all around us. We must change to survive. How we change and respond to change is up to each one of us. Your attitude toward it affects the outcome. Do you choose to be positive or negative?
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