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Welcome to my website


This website is dedicated to bringing you resources and news to educate you on the power of your mind.  Your subconscious is powerful, it contains the habits and the reasons you make the choices today.  Your habits and choices are creating your results or your reality that you are experiencing today.


If your subconscious is so powerful, then wouldn't it be helpful to learn as much as you can about it?  Your life is flexible, your brain is malleable so find out how to change your circumstances in life. 


If you don't like what you are experiencing in life, you CAN change that.  You just have to learn one of the many secrets about life, which is that you can reprogram your mind for success.

May you learn as much as you can from my website and may your life be blessed with the positive changes your are seeking.



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Latest News About Mind Development
1 Sep 2015 08:17
Your mind is the source of infinite power, health, success and happiness. A cultivated mindset will dispel anxiety and fear, and help create harmony within.
29 Aug 2015 16:07
Human wisdom is defined as "the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight". How does anyone become wise? Is it something you are, something you have, or something you do? Does anyone ever set out to develop or acquire wisdom as a goal? Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insights.
28 Aug 2015 14:20
Non awareness of embedded non life-serving thought patterns can be the single barrier on our journey of personal "success in life". This hardly-ever spoken about realm is entirely responsible for the functioning state of our mental and physical well-being -- including goal achieving -- thus making consciousness development a life-priority for humanity.
26 Aug 2015 10:56
Human beings' feelings are the manifestation of lifestyle in which they live, grow and interact. These interactions may sway and swell under various doctrines providing religious, social and political avenues. Therefore, it is necessary that we should explore an appropriate channel which will be conducive to our living realities. Now, it is obligatory for every individual to do comparative analyzes and adopt a righteous path. The virtuous path is the beacon of light, especially to those who put in efforts to reach the destination of peace and comfort. The life passage has assurance and joy along with fear and grief, providing an option to human beings. We can analyze, what these factors are and how they affect in this materialistic world.
24 Aug 2015 08:57
Improving your mind brain can be attained through fluid intelligence techniques or long term with crystallized intelligence improving. Techniques anyone can do over time will increase thought power and IQ immensely. Review article for common exercises that have a big return in value
24 Aug 2015 08:52
Increasing Intelligence can occur gradually because person's accumulated or gained knowledge and life experience from lessons learned.This is termed crystallized intelligence that naturally increases with age due to expanded experienced. There is another major way to increase brain power, this being fluid intelligence which is detailed here with practical exercises or techniques.
19 Aug 2015 13:46
Lateral thinking about emotions reveals only two emotions exist. From these two emotions all other emotions stem. Understanding the root of any emotion can help deal with the emotions you are feeling positively. The two emotions are the extreme, Greed and Hatred. Lateral Thinking shows that every emotion you can possible feel is just greed and hatred at reduced intensity.
19 Aug 2015 12:45
This article focuses on how the conscious and unconscious mind work and in particular, the mind-blowing power of the unconscious mind. It explains how this force can work both for you and against you, depending on your beliefs. A must-read for anyone wanting to be the best they can be in their business and personal lives.
19 Aug 2015 07:56
The human mind is a beautiful creation - vast, agile and adaptive; unfortunately it is just as prone to fear, anxiety and endless ramblings as it is capable of sheer genius. In matters of both life and death, we sometimes have no time for these endless ramblings or for fear itself; instead these are moments of sheer intuition, bare instinct and allowing our inner knowing to take charge.
17 Aug 2015 10:22
Want to Become a Meta-Learner? Then is high-time to learn how to learn. Because if your using a technique you learned in grade school, then your outdated and being outclassed by everyone else. Its time to have an edge over everyone else by knowing that knowing how to learn is much better than just learning.
14 Aug 2015 15:09
So this is it, you've prepared months for this day. Yet, the weeks of strenuous physical training didn't exactly prepare you for the mentally-demanding moments right before your competition. The ability to control your thoughts and emotions are crucial to your physical performance.
14 Aug 2015 11:28
Astral Projection is simply an out of body experience. This is when an experience of an astral body forms and separates from the physical body. Find out how I have learn to leave my body and survive to tell about it.
11 Aug 2015 14:29
Knowledge is the foundation of understanding to know Creator and creational realities within this existence and beyond. If we analyze its core concept and dive deep into its meaning, then we will arrive at a definite conclusion. It leads to asking a question covering each and everything within our observation and imagination. It is a fact that question is the key to knowledge. Great philosopher Plato famously defined knowledge as, "justified true belief, though well-justified true belief." In order to understand comprehensively then it needs considerable amount of time and scholarly discussion in academic environments.
10 Aug 2015 07:50
That small grey lump we carry between our ears and are only really aware of when we read (or write) articles like this about it, or when we're having trouble thinking, may just be the most incredible thing on the planet.The average human brain weighs just 3 pounds - yet the tight bundle of cells that comprise it form the entire control centre of the human body and have some startling physical properties. The least we can do is to try to understand a bodily organ this amazing, so below we look at a few interesting attributes of the brain...
7 Aug 2015 16:01
Have you ever tried and tried to break a habit only to give up in a couple weeks believing you will just never be able to change? Habits, even potentially good ones, are hard to break for a reason; neurons that fire together wire together. That means that your brain forms neural pathways by releasing chemicals that active pleasure and motivational circuits. With repetition, a habit is formed carving out highways in your brain.
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