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Welcome to my website


This website is dedicated to bringing you resources and news to educate you on the power of your mind.  Your subconscious is powerful, it contains the habits and the reasons you make the choices today.  Your habits and choices are creating your results or your reality that you are experiencing today.


If your subconscious is so powerful, then wouldn't it be helpful to learn as much as you can about it?  Your life is flexible, your brain is malleable so find out how to change your circumstances in life. 


If you don't like what you are experiencing in life, you CAN change that.  You just have to learn one of the many secrets about life, which is that you can reprogram your mind for success.

May you learn as much as you can from my website and may your life be blessed with the positive changes your are seeking.



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Latest News About Mind Development
2 May 2016 16:34
Let me introduce to you a new term, called "Brules". Brules are so powerful that they could possibly determine your destiny.
2 May 2016 15:54
Do you subscribe to the school of thought that believes in all or none, say for instance when you talk of mental toughness, do you feel that it is a quality which you either have or you don't have at all? Is it is something that is inborn?
26 Apr 2016 13:46
It is defined as a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things. However, its philosophical dimension conspicuously indicates shades of education and wisdom. The important aspect of above definition is a simple thought and understanding within its own complexity. It means that an individual's perception is right subjectively yet it is not the complete reality. There are many factors affecting the common sense. The influences of existing environments, effective historical background and rhetoric propaganda are major factors affecting common sense. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the perception and reality within and outside its domain.
22 Apr 2016 10:37
Like it or not, pressing the fast forward button through pain or ignoring pain or denying pain will only succeed in prolonging important learning opportunities. We all go through times when we wish we could press a fast-forward button and propel ourselves into the future and out of our current circumstances. I have many times. Whether the situation I was facing was minor, or major such as the loss of my husband, it's human nature, part of our DNA to want to move away from pain and find comfort as soon as possible.
21 Apr 2016 12:42
We live in an age where technology is developing at a mind-blowing pace. This can be both scary and exhilarating; but we have a choice on how we wish to engage with it. It's a great thing to be able to "unplug" when we need to: to re-generate, calm the mind, and get back in touch with our natural selves.
18 Apr 2016 15:23
Understanding the struggle is vital to overcoming obstacles. Once you understand the struggle it no longer has power over you. The ability to overcome is within ourselves we just have to unlock it.
18 Apr 2016 08:36
When energy is joined together by two people at a subconscious level, interesting results have been known to occur, as I discovered from a first-hand experience. This phenomenon can result in an outcome that brings a deeper understanding of consciousness through a telepathic-like connection process. I call this process, Energetically Connected Communication (ECC).
14 Apr 2016 13:23
It's easy to feel emotionally strong when life is going well. However, we all go through periods of time when our life is going anything but well. There is sickness, death, and injustices that we all face every day regardless of the kind of steps we take to avoid them. When you are mentally strong, you are much more able to deal with life's challenges. And this will help you to become a better writer. In this article, I will show you some of the benefits of becoming mentally resilient.
14 Apr 2016 13:14
We all possess some degree of mental strength. But there is always room for improvement. Developing mental strength is about improving your ability to regulate your emotions, manage your thoughts and behave in a positive manner, despite your circumstances. In this article, I will look at ways that we can all become more mentally resilient.
13 Apr 2016 10:42
The most important and precious gift from the Creator to human beings is knowledge and wisdom. It is, therefore, the responsibility of human beings, to understand and evaluate its application within its sanctity. Before we ponder on the course to initiate action, in this regard, we must understand its concept. Furthermore, it is important to comprehend its purpose and expectations. It means we have the responsibility to study from a scientific and religious point of view and deduce the outcome objectively. These objectives should bear realistic values and avoid peripheral infringes. It means biased influence; conflict of interest and doctrines need judicious assessment. Because, its impact can be fruitful or disastrous based on principles and values attached to the doctrine.
11 Apr 2016 07:54
Did you know that limiting beliefs exist in all of us? They grow like weeds in our subconscious mind and need to be pulled. Find out how you are being controlled by your beliefs and how they are impacting your life!
7 Apr 2016 10:20
There are six basic human wants that necessitates success. Anthony Robbins, one successful person in the world today explains them this way.
7 Apr 2016 10:19
Tony, one of the most successful persons of the century has something to say about thinking ones way to success. A common trend exists in the world where a person equates his net worth with his own self worth. In a nutshell, this is a group of people that marries their identity with the quarterly portfolio reports together with banks and financial statements. Their worth is what they have monetary-wise. The truth of the matter is almost forgotten. Money is just one aspect in our lives that enables as attain most of the other facets.
7 Apr 2016 07:19
There are a number of technical questions that may never have run through your minds. They are questions that you may wrack your brains without coming to a strong conclusion. Have you ever thought why human beings are very different from each other? Can you be able to explain why a man will find sheer pleasure in murdering a stranger whereas another man sacrifices their own life for another person? Then read on...
6 Apr 2016 09:55
Conscience-The Sense of Right & Wrong - After crossing an Age-bar of thirteen to fifteen, almost everyone begins to feel the control they have upon their minds. They usually start to know that they have something called a 'Brain' in the upper mental cavity which can be utilized in the way they want. They start to develop their own conscience that is, the sense of right & wrong.
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