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Welcome to my website


This website is dedicated to bringing you resources and news to educate you on the power of your mind.  Your subconscious is powerful, it contains the habits and the reasons you make the choices today.  Your habits and choices are creating your results or your reality that you are experiencing today.


If your subconscious is so powerful, then wouldn't it be helpful to learn as much as you can about it?  Your life is flexible, your brain is malleable so find out how to change your circumstances in life. 


If you don't like what you are experiencing in life, you CAN change that.  You just have to learn one of the many secrets about life, which is that you can reprogram your mind for success.

May you learn as much as you can from my website and may your life be blessed with the positive changes your are seeking.



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Latest News About Mind Development
25 Mar 2015 09:53
Imagine you are sitting and having a great talk with your best friend and all of the sudden a look of utter terror comes over her face. She screams and runs for cover. Is she crazy? Are we victims of our fight-or-flight emotional reactions or is there something we can do about it? Fortunately, there is.
24 Mar 2015 12:05
Since the creation and reality of existence, human beings' instinct has over powered their lives. Either it was on the path to success and fame or failure and destruction. Neither we realized the gravity of situation nor did we reconcile our ideas to circumvent hurdles and explore viable solutions. What are the factors that were transpired or conspired within our means, affecting many tasks to remain inconclusive? The answer is distinct and obvious, yet we ignored many tell-tale effects and fore warnings. It is the materialistic desires and greed that have encompassed by arrogance and impertinence. Hence it becomes essential and necessary to differentiate between reality, illusion and deception. In other words, it is the good, the bad and the ugly which we encounter in our daily lives.
24 Mar 2015 08:34
Reading habits determine the academic achievements of students to a great extent. Both reading and academic achievements are dependent on each other. Students often come from different environments and localities with different levels of academic achievement. Therefore, they differ in the pattern of reading habits.
23 Mar 2015 10:43
Need to be more productive? Hack your mind to unleash it's potential with the 5 Ways to Be More Productive.
23 Mar 2015 07:35
MANY young people, and certainly some who are older, can attest to either the presence of or the memory of a mind that insists on working into overload. The burden seems gargantuan, especially when there are pressures from multiple genres of life. I suffered greatly from this. But then I, by God's grace through diligent obedience, overcame it. In this article I juxtapose what it was like with what it's like now, using a journal record from January 4, 2007.
20 Mar 2015 07:33
Advances in neuroscience and brain-imaging technology in recent years have helped to generate attention on the subject of intelligence once again. Can these technological advances help us measure intelligence? Does it simply come down to brain size? What other factors contribute to intelligence? What makes some brains smarter than others?
19 Mar 2015 08:54
Discover how you can turn habits into a good thing. Not all habits are considered bad. Learn how to create habits that cause positive change in your life.
18 Mar 2015 15:37
The apostle Paul once wrote, "Brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are honorable, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there is any virtue, and if there is any praise, think about these things." (Philippians 4:8, WEB) Why? What is the benefit of thinking pure thoughts?
12 Mar 2015 08:29
MUCH thinking is good, but, with much thought inevitably comes a fall into the pit of despair. The capacities of the mind's heart are not so easily overwhelmed, but when they are, great is that collapse!
11 Mar 2015 08:16
What makes every living being equal is the pure life force of energy we know as "consciousness." There are no two different entities, there is only one. When the left hand is degraded as it has been for centuries it's consciousness feels the pain and hurt of unfairness. It is not felt in the hand itself. The hand can only become affected in a physical manner such as it's performance will appear more clumsy than the right. Therefore it has become somewhat more physically impaired than the right hand because the consciousness at the source of its core existence as being a left hand has been affected.
10 Mar 2015 11:09
Our mind is a creative device. Any condition, image or vision we hold on to in the mind will sooner or later translate into physical reality. When we hold on to positive thoughts in our mind, they will translate into positive experiences in our life. On the other hand, when we allow negative thoughts to persist in our mind, they will manifest in our life as negative experiences. It is therefore important that we learn how to manage our mind. This involves eliminating negative thoughts by consciously introducing positive thoughts.
5 Mar 2015 08:39
If you can distinguish the difference between when you are fully being in the here and now as opposed to having the effects of living in the past then you have the keys to personal effectiveness and achievement! How do you do this?
4 Mar 2015 14:23
The following is an article response to the discourse between two prominent researchers, Noam Chomsky and Jean Piaget, who debated on the psychogenesis of knowledge and its epistemological significance (Beakley, & Ludlow, 1992). The premise of the debate, led by Piaget, was to argue that the hallmark of cognitive development is "construction of the new", a constructivist concept. According to Piaget, constructivism explains how individuals are actively involved in a constructive exchange with the environment through assimilation and accommodation which contributes to the acquisition of learning and of knowledge (Piaget, 1980).
2 Mar 2015 15:34
Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely game and one that is filled with pitfalls and setbacks before you see any kind of success. A positive mindset is so important if you want to achieve success in business.
27 Feb 2015 10:24
In this new age world, where almost everyone is aware of the dangers of negative thinking. Some thoughtful souls asks, whatever happened to truth? Will a mental 'judge' now tell us what is ok to say, or not? These days you can't seem to express anything without someone telling you to be positive:). As a healer and meditation teacher--what do I have to say?
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